Owensville Gun Club

The entire gun club will be closed Saturday 8/10/2024 for a Youth 4-H event.

The rifle range will be closed Saturday 9/7/2024 for a private charity event.


Information listed here will mostly be mirrored from the Owensville Gun Club CMP Shooters Facebook page, but may include other news and announcements.

Latest news

2021-03-31 via Facebook
As long as everything stays dry through next Monday and Tuesday we are planning to complete the rock work on the rifle range and pistol range April 5th and 6th. We will start at 200 yards on Monday morning and get as much done as possible but we will have to see how many loads of Rock we can get delivered and spread. To be safe assume the ranges will be closed all day Monday and Tuesday. We will post updates as we see how things go. At some point there will also be a short closing for seeding. Once this work is complete we will have a much safer and more easily accessable range than ever.

2020-12-19 via Facebook
Just wanted to bring everyone up to date on work at the range. As you may know a lot of work has been done at the range for safety improvements Now we are looking to make things more accessible to our shooters. Work can probably not start till ground is frozen solid but we are in the planning stages now and so please understand the condition of the ground currently and try and keep the damage to the ranges at a minimum till we are able to address gravel all weather access to the targets and seeding the berms.

Very disheartening to those who worked so hard to make this possible to come out only a few days later to see clay birds used as targets and placing them almost to the top of the berms. The berms only work if shots are into the base of the berm from a straight on angle. The target stands have been altered so a shot through the middle of the wire will hit at the base or very close to it . Please educate other shooters you see not following this procedure. Come spring we will have one heck of a range if it is not destroyed in it's fresh dirt condition!

2020-12-10 via Facebook
Work was completed today and the range will open tomorrow. A lot of money and effort has gone into this so please treat it accordingly. The line of sight through your target should be at the base of the closest berm ,not at the top, or hope the next berm will catch it. Also the berms are not target holders for your non paper target items. Shooting at the top of the berms tears up the berm and defeats their purpose.

This is our club and we all need to be good Steward of the range. If you see people abusing the range or safe shooting please try to educate them on what they should or should not be doing!

2020-12-09 via Facebook
For safety we are going higher on the berm to the left side of the range and it takes extra time. Tomorrow he is having a guy with a skid steer smooth things out so we go mow next season, while he does the pistol range. A full day tomorrow should wrap it up so we can reopen things. The pistol range is smaller so much quicker moving the dirt around.

2020-12-08 via Facebook
They ran into some harder ground than expected so the range closure will continue another day or 2 possible. Will know more tomorrow at the end of the day. The safety we are gaining is worth the wait!

2020-12-03 via Facebook
The range is getting some safety improvements as we stated and as we got into the work we saw some added safety measures we could make. This is great but they all take time and because so much of the rifle range needed to be worked on it is in no condition to shoot or even walk on so we have decided it is best to leave the range closed till all the work on it and the pistol range is complete even when no one is working on it over the weekend. As it stands now the work should be finished Tuesday if the weather cooperates, which the forecast says it will. Even when all the work is completed it will be muddy conditions as pretty much all grass between 30 yards and 100 yards is gone.

What we will have when completed is a much safer shooting facility. It will allow the CMP matches to be shot at 200 yards again and make it safer at shorter ranges for our regular bench shooters.

Starting at about 30 yards and progressing to about 4 foot deep at 100 yards all the dirt is being removed. This will help direct more shots into the 100 yard berm. The dirt is being used to add a berm on the left side from the firing line to the 100 yard berm. and the 30 yard berm will now run across most of the range to stop shots at 25 yards where many 22 shooters and rifle sight-ins take place. The pistol range is getting a very similar treatment and the dirt will be used to improve the berms on the right and left sides.

Sorry if this causes and inconvenience to any of our shooters but it is important that we all do our best to make sure things are safe for our shooters and our neighbors. We waited till deer season was over and the lower attendance that cold weather brings and to have everything in great shape next spring.